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Romanticshipping by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Romanticshipping :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 1 0 RivalCrushShipping- Falling by Nikki-Is-Kawaii RivalCrushShipping- Falling :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 0 0 Pokemon OC Kye by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Pokemon OC Kye :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 2 0 SpiceShipping by Nikki-Is-Kawaii SpiceShipping :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 1 0 Serena and Paul - I miss you... by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Serena and Paul - I miss you... :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 1 0 CreamyCoffeeShipping (Serena and Paul) by Nikki-Is-Kawaii CreamyCoffeeShipping (Serena and Paul) :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 1 2 Serena and Paul- Kiss Creamycoffeeshipping by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Serena and Paul- Kiss Creamycoffeeshipping :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 4 0 RivalCrushShipping by Nikki-Is-Kawaii RivalCrushShipping :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 0 0 Nadia- Abused by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Nadia- Abused :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 2 0 Nadia X Gary- Hug by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Nadia X Gary- Hug :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 1 0 I made this cause I was bored by Nikki-Is-Kawaii I made this cause I was bored :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 0 0 Nadia- Kanto Outfit by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Nadia- Kanto Outfit :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 2 0 Nadia and Gary- BuddingRomanceShipping by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Nadia and Gary- BuddingRomanceShipping :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 1 0 Nadia and Tiri (Shiny Togepi) by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Nadia and Tiri (Shiny Togepi) :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 1 0 Serena and Paul- Kiss Creamycoffeeshipping by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Serena and Paul- Kiss Creamycoffeeshipping :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 3 0 Creamycoffeeshipping- Nice to meet you by Nikki-Is-Kawaii Creamycoffeeshipping- Nice to meet you :iconnikki-is-kawaii:Nikki-Is-Kawaii 0 0


Serena XY2 in her new outfit with her long hair by Wildcat1999 Serena XY2 in her new outfit with her long hair :iconwildcat1999:Wildcat1999 65 11 Pokeshipping by KurumiErika Pokeshipping :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 1,309 193 Serena and Paul in the Kalos Region. by Satoko-Ketchum Serena and Paul in the Kalos Region. :iconsatoko-ketchum:Satoko-Ketchum 5 11 Serena and Paul in Kalos. by Satoko-Ketchum Serena and Paul in Kalos. :iconsatoko-ketchum:Satoko-Ketchum 20 9
CreamyCoffeeShipping Paul meets Serena.
It was an early morning in the beautiful Kalos Region. Paul, Dawn and Brock had finally made their way to the Kalos Region. Paul wished to enter the league, Brock wished to study the foreign Pokemon and Dawn...wanted to re-meet a certain Ash Ketchum. The trio had been told to meet Ash in Shalour CityShalour City was home to the Gym Leader known as Korrina, and Ash and Serena's next badge! It was a beautiful sea side town, beautiful views and full of amazingly strong trainers who studied mega evolutions. 
Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie were enjoying the sea side. Clemont and Bonnie were building a sand castle together, while Ash and Serena were training for when they went against Korrina. It didn't take too long for a familiar voice to be heard. "Ash! It's you!" Dawn smiled as she ran across t
:iconsatoko-ketchum:Satoko-Ketchum 4 1
Paul X Miette by Rohanite Paul X Miette :iconrohanite:Rohanite 95 38 Colors of our love - AmourShipping by RainbowTailsCan Colors of our love - AmourShipping :iconrainbowtailscan:RainbowTailsCan 34 10
.:OutcryShipping:. Enough
They haven't known each other too long. Their meeting was merely a coincidence. Just the brunette girl's presence alone, sufficed to ease the pain the purple haired boy's been hiding under his cold demeanor.
They were like light and dark. Warm and cold. Calm and impulsive. Two sides of the same coin. They completed each other, as much as he'd try to deny it.
They were an unlikely pair, many would say. But that didn't matter to them, they weren't going to acknowledge the opinions of others.
May knew from the start, she might never understand the guy. However, she's taken notice of the way he always seems to hide his emotions. As unhealthy as it was, she wouldn't say anything, for she wanted him to trust her. To be his friend. And knowing him, all she could do was provide some comfort. Soft hugs and silence.
And that alone, was enough for her.
Paul was never good at hiding anything from the brunette. He was aware that she'd take notice of him sooner or later. Just like she always did.
:iconbrickercupmasterx3:BrickercupMasterX3 6 14
schooldance by miikanism schooldance :iconmiikanism:miikanism 1,136 130 Dee-Dee_x_Mandark by AsineVenisa Dee-Dee_x_Mandark :iconasinevenisa:AsineVenisa 203 12 Happy Valentines Mandark by AsineVenisa Happy Valentines Mandark :iconasinevenisa:AsineVenisa 141 10 Wheres my angel by AsineVenisa Wheres my angel :iconasinevenisa:AsineVenisa 124 26 DP: Lovely Night by Amethyst-Ocean DP: Lovely Night :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 609 32 DP: Come with me by Amethyst-Ocean DP: Come with me :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 434 46


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United States
Hey hey hey. I'm Nikki and I'm a HUGE Pokémon fan :pokeball: (Well, I wouldn't say I'm the BEST Pokemon fan because I only played like 3 of the games and I didn't own them myself and I have no idea what most of the names are for any of the mcs in the game that didn't appear in the anime series except maybe Red and Leaf :stupidme: ), and I love the fanfictons made about them. I'm a crazy shipper (I support a lot of ships, including Nevermetshippings and others :dummy: . Also, my Pokecrushes are Gary :squee: , Ash:heart: , Alain, PAUL :love:, and Clemont ). I actually made a few ocs too.

My Main oc's name is Nadia. She's from the Alola region and she's one of Mallow's relatives. She has the same skin color and eyes as Mallow, brown curly hair that goes down to her back, two curly strands in the front with pink hairclips, a black choker, a sleeveless hoodie with a pink pokemon logo at the bottom left corner, dark gray leggings, and pink sneakers. Her Pokemon are Gothorita (Shiny) , Pawniard, Togepi, a Shiny Alolan Vulpix, and an Eevee Egg. She's shy and like Tracey, she likes to observe and draw Pokemon and scenes. If you ask to see them, she'll refuse, but eventually as you get to know her better, she'll most likely let you see her drawings. (I like to be very specific as you can see ^^; )

Nadia had a completely different background compared to the one I recently made up with Alola. Old Background: While Ash had his childhood friend Serena, Gary had his childhood friend Nadia. They met when Nadia's older brother Greg (He's still her brother for the new bg) started his journey when she was 6. They lived in Pallet Town and went to Professor Oak's lab. Gary was there as well. Nadia and Gary made very little contact with each other. Soon, Greg went off on his journey. Nadia and Greg had a huge bond, and she was heartbroken to see her brother leaving, so one night she ran off to go look for him. The next morning, her mom found out and she called the police. The whole town got the news too. Gary went to go look for her (after getting approval of prof. oak) and after a while, he found her. She was shivering, hungry, and in tears. He gave her the blanket in his bag and asked why she ran off. When she explained to him, he felt bad for her, so he hugged her. They both headed back but on the way back, he told her that if she ever needed anything, she let him know. This is what started their friendship. As the years had went by, their friendship became stronger, and she even met his other friend, Ash, who was also her crush for a short amount of time. The day they all started their journeys, Gary and Nadia decided to split. They kept in touch and eventually agreed to meet up someday.

They all met back up in Sinnoh, which happened to be a complete accident. Team Rocket stole Ash's Pikachu and Gary's Umbreon. Ash, Gary, Dawn, and Brock were chasing after it. Gary spotted a girl with her Shinx walking in the middle of the road, meanwhile everyone else is staring up at Team Rocket's balloon. He yelled to her "MOVE OUT THE WAY". When she turned around, it was actually Nadia. She got out the way, along with her Shinx. When she noticed the situation, she followed. After team rocket was defeated, they decided to catch up. Nadia had begun to have feelings for Gary, considering how mature he was acting. Brock realized that Nadia liked Gary when she got jealous due to the many girls in Gary's past. When it was time for Ash to leave, Gary asked Nadia to travel with him. She gladly accepts, planting a kiss on his cheek. When Ash was in Kalos, he'd gotten a call from Gary and Nadia, and when Ash asked Nadia how traveling is with Gary, she blushes and says "It's everything that I'd hoped for." After this reply, Gary smiles at Nadia passionately. It is unknown whether they're dating or not.
This bg sounds better than expected. Maybe I could merge them together.

Nadia is from Kanto, but currently staying in Alola with family members and is seen mostly hanging out with Gary or her cousin Mallow.
Yeah, I'm sticking with that bg. ^^;


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